Lazada June Offers

Lazada: Turning Sellers into Super Sellers

While the dawn of e-commerce has opened up a world of opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners, it has also raised the bar in terms of competition. In many ways, sellers face large challenges when it comes to gaining attention, attracting customers, and most importantly, closing sales. From June 19 – 22, Lazada will be launching a sale campaign that features top sellers that have made it big on the online platform. By providing smaller overhead costs, nationwide capacity for logistics, and thousands of potential customers a day, Lazada has turned these sellers into Super Sellers.


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Flash Sale Day 1 Part 2 Super Sellers Sale

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Flash Sale Day 2 Part 2 Super Sellers Sale

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PH PR Super Sellers Sale

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Here are some of the deals that you will find during the Super Sellers Sale:

  1. Neo Shift N81 8.9″ Intel Quad Core 2GB Dual OS Windows 10 Laptop, from the standard retail price of Php 11,999 down to Php 6,599.
  2. Vertigo Hyperion Men’s Sneakers from Php 1,950 to Php 975
  3. Portable Bluetooth Dual Speakers with Ultra Bass. Original price at Php 1,100 to the sale price of Php 390.
  4. Six Pack ABS Builder, a slimming machine at the sale price of Php 1,799 from SRP Php 4,200.
  5. Cardinal Compact Nebulizer with complete accessories, for only Php 512.

The Super Sellers Sale paves the way for Lazada’s July campaign, called the Super Brands Sale. With a focus on international brands, the Super Brands Sale will take place from July 11 – 16, 2017.

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  • Hello ,

    I saw your tweets and thought I will check your website. Have to say it looks very good!
    I’m also interested in this topic and have recently started my journey as young entrepreneur.

    I’m also looking for the ways on how to promote my website. I have tried AdSense and Facebok Ads, however it is getting very expensive.
    Can you recommend something what works best for you?

    Would appreciate, if you can have a quick look at my website and give me an advice what I should improve:
    (Recently I have added a new page about FutureNet and the way how users can make money on this social networking portal.)

    I have subscribed to your newsletter. 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Maybe I will add link to your website on my website and you will add link to my website on your website? It will improve SEO of our websites, right? What do you think?

    Jan Zac

    • Hi Zac, just saw your comment. Your website looked good also, and already have contents. I kinda put this blog aside because of my job and studying. But, I’m getting back on track. And sure, we can collaborate. You’re on investing education and I’m more on freelancing and startups.

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